166848355 CTCATAGAACAT/-: c.5419_5430delATGTTCTATGAG: p.Met1807_Glu1810del: Non-frame shift indels

Reference genomes Human GRCh37/hg19
Genomic position 166848355
Genbank transcript ID NM_001165963.1
cds change c.5419_5430delATGTTCTATGAG
cds alteration type Non-frame shift indels
Zygosis Heterozygous
AA change p.Met1807_Glu1810del
AA alteration type Non-frame shift indels
Detection methods PCR-Sanger
Known variant Unknown
Reference ID .
MAF in 1000G .
MAF in ExAC .
MAF in genomAD .
Exon/Intron Exon26
Protein Domain C-terminus
Inheritance Unknown
Variant Classification Uncertain significance
Clinical diagnosis SMEI
Gender Male
Ethnogenesis Japanese
Family history Negative
Age of seizure onset 2 months old
Short descriptions for Cases
References Fujiwara, Tateki, et al. "Mutations of sodium channel α subunit type 1 (SCN1A) in intractable childhood epilepsies with frequent generalized tonic–clonic seizures." Brain 126.3 (2003): 531-546.
co-existing variant(s)