Welcome to our FAQ section. We hope this section can answer most of your urgent questions and in case you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us through here.

Q1. Can I use the information on this database for patient diagnosis and prognosis prediction?
A. We strive to make this database accurate and up to date, however, due to the sheer amount of information mistakes might occur. We recommend double checking the reference of each variant you refer to in your research.

Q2. How can I get a password for downloading files?
A. Please request a password using the “Contact” section.

Q3. Which Genomic Sequence is used for the assembly?
A. The hg19 sequence is the template used in this database.

Q4. Which reference sequence for annotation of cds and amino acid?
A. NM_001165963.2 and NP_001159435.1 are used for annotation of each.

Q5. Can you put our variant in this database?
A. Absolutely. We will gladly add it to this database, so please request it by sending us a message in the “CONTACT” section.

Q6. Can I publish my research papers using this database or publish at a conference?
Yes, you can. Please cite this database as below and state scn1a.net in acknowledgment.
Ishii. A., Shibata. M., Goto. A., Moreira. K., Hirose. S. SCN1A.NET (https://www.scn1a.net/).

Q7. Do you take any responsibility for the information available on this database?
This website not only uses our own variant’s information but gathers data from various articles or databases published by other websites and journals. Therefore, we can’t take any responsibility for the usage of this database.